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We have been invited by Scouts Canada  (Apple Hill Ontario ) to help out with this event.

We will be setting up on Saturday Oct. 19th for SOTA.

Please let us know if you can help out for this one.

The 56th JOTA 2013


The 56th Jamboree On The Air will take place on 19 and 20 October 2013.


This year's theme is: Let's Share !









This year, WOSM has organised a Logo Contest again to choose the official logo of the JOTA-JOTI 2013. The winning logo is designed by Mark Tan from Malaysia..


You can download the logo by right-clicking the picture and save it to your local machine. Your National JOTA Organizer will receive a link to a high-resoltion file that can be used for quality printing material.


Theme material will be available soon as well on this page.






Some programme suggestions to consider for your JOTA weekend programme:


To visualize how big the amateur-radio world is, an on-line logging tool offers help. It logs all you radio contacts and displays them on a map. Plus gives you direct access to details of the contacts that you made. The HRD amateur-radio software suite offers many interesting features for the Scouts to play with.


HRD version 6 (with a 30-day free trial) can be downloaded here.


HRD version 5 (completely free version) can be downloaded here.


On-line-, but also off-line logging is available with HRD (you can upload logs later if no internet connection is available at your JOTA station). The on-line tool gives you the possibility to display your contacts on an electronic plot map.This shows how far your contacts have reached and, indeed, how big your radio world is. The logbook also gives you the distance and further details of each contact that you enter. The Scouts that serve as your station's "logbook operator" will be able to directly present the overview. Have a look at the on-line tool here.


If you are using more than one radio station simultaneously, you will need some extra software to enable all stations to use the same logbook. The complete SW package that you need to install, including step-by-step instructions for JOTA users can be downloaded here.


Want to quickly find a Scout station on the radio? There is a DX cluster set up specially for JOTA stations and you can integrate it into the HRD logbook as well. How? Have a look here.


If you add the web link of your logbook to your JOTA report that you send to your National JOTA Organizer after the weekend, we can include it in the world-wide overview that will be compiled after the event.



More programme packages are available in the radio-scouting library.


Additional JOTA-JOTI programme suggestions

A few examples of the many programme suggestions available in the JOTA fact sheets (on the radio-scouting web or in printed form):


The continuing story.... Make up a short imaginative story of ten lines. Read it to the station with whom you are in contact. Ask them to add the next part to this story and pass it on to the next scout station that they will contact. If you receive such a story by radio from another scout group, write it down in your station report afterwards. This activity is also very well suited for RTTY (telex) and packet-radio contacts.

The global weather situation. Take a large wall map of the whole world. Ask the Scouts who you speak to, to give you the local weather report. Indicate this on the map for the area where they are located. A weather report in a local newspaper will show you how to do this on a map. At the end of the weekend you have the global weather view.

Determine the distance of each radio contact that you make and add them all up. Can you reach 100.000 km in one JOTA weekend ?

Make a simple drawing. Give instructions by radio to Scouts how to draw the same picture, line by line, without telling them what the picture is. Can they reconstruct your drawing and tell you what it is ?

Each scout patrol gets 20 metres of ordinary electrical wire. Can they construct a "super antenna", to their imagination, with which the radio operator can make a contact ?

Find out what the local names are for "Scouts" and "Guides" in at least ten different countries. Make a list.

Learn to sing the first lines of a foreign song. Find some Scouts on the radio from the country where the song comes from. Sing their song and see if they can join you in it.

Furthermore, the on-line radio-scouting library presents you amongst others:


Idea book for antennas pulled into the air by kites

Several exciting Foxhunting recipes

Radio Puzzle games from different countries

Morse code games

Idea set for playing with the world’s time differences


Participation Cards


This year’s participation cards will be mailed separately to the National Scout Organizations in the Scout Pack of July 2013. The intend is that each participating station receives its card, as a confirmation of its participation and a souvenir of the event.


National JOTA Organizers can download a high resolution file suitable for printing, with both front- and back side of the participation card, in the NJO section of this web side.









National JOTA Stories

With your help, the World Scout Bureau can compile a world-wide overview of the weekend and make it available to all participants. Of course, the information has to come from the participating Scout groups in your country. So you may to prepare for that and send a short story of your activities to your National JOTA Organizer after the event.


Note that an increasing number of participating Scout groups are using the on-line web log to submit stories and reports of their JOTA adventures. The link to the web log will be available here as soon as the weblog is opened.


Photographs showing Scouts in action at the microphone or keyboard and of other activities like electronic kit building, foxhunting, semaphore, map plotting and the like are most welcome. Of course, we do not need all your photographs, a selected set of e.g. the 5 best ones is greatly appreciated. So are clippings of local newspapers carrying the story of JOTA - JOTI in your local community.


We look forward to receive your input before the publishing deadline of:


15 December 2013.

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