Our Cover Photo https://ve3orf.webs.com/apps/photos/ Our Cover Photo Our cover photo - W7DET W7DET Seattle, 1957. An exemplary home-brew AM, CW and RTTY station The teletype machine is a Teletype Model 26 . The unit in the upper left hand corner is a military LM- series frequency meter, probably LM-4 or LM-7. The receiver on the top shelf is a National NC-57 with the added S-Meter in the speaker grille. . On the upper left side is either his RTTY T/U or maybe the CRT is part of a repackaged Hallicrafters panadapter. Panel above the Collins 75A-2 receiver looks like a rotator (prop pitch motor?) controller and its selsyn indicator. Telephone dial above the Collins 75A-2 receiver is possibly a phone patch. Clock on top row is 24 hour. The desk top was replaced with the console (homemade) to hold all the units. The NC-57 is for Conelrad and general coverage purposes. . The home-brew transmitter is built around a Collins PTO assembly. On the extreme right is a fully home-brew linear amplifier, with an auxiliary meter panel on the top shelf. There was a QST pictorial article about the station, about the time the picture was taken. July 1957 QST. This fellow was a fine metal and wood craftsman as well as an accomplished equipment designer. Note the precise symmetry of his panel layouts and how the cabinets are built to fit the exact desktop width. Quite a craftsman. https://ve3orf.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=164784248 164784248